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Adaptive Learning Platform

Pedagogical research has proven the efficacy of adaptive learning and immersive learning technologies, demonstrating that adaptive learning optimizes learning success while immersive learning sparks critical thinking and collaboration. Both methods have been shown to increase student engagement, which researchers point to as a significant factor in increasing learning outcomes. 


Personalized Learning Pathways







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Technological advances have enabled schools to quickly and efficiently bring their instruction digital with these two approaches, but maximizing the benefits of these technologies requires integrating them seamlessly as possible.


The Adaptive Learning platform seamlessly combines adaptive learning with immersive learning technology to deliver a better engagement experience to students.   The system includes an immersive learning adapter powered by xAPI and LRS technology that allows learning to occur in mobile devices with applications delivering Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality educational content as well as an adaptive learning engine, powered by Machine Learning algorithms, that delivers a personalized learning experience based on individual needs, learning styles and preferences.

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ADaptive PathWAYS

Content adapts to student behavior and performance; content can be modified by teacher to meet learning objectives




The ONLY platform that supports learning through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality 

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Object repository

Best of breed content for all subjects and all levels; huge library with tens of thousands of resources

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Industry leading tools and technology to deliver personalized content from an extensive library




Learner Analytics and profiels to help educator deliver Differentiated Instruction

The platform uses cutting edge technologies and industry-leading tools to empower students and educators with resources needed to achieve their goals. 

We support self-paced learning through learning modules that can be customized by teachers based on students performance, knowledge and mastery in various topics and subtopics.

Using Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms, the platform also recommends resources based on student behavior and interests, providing personalized learning progression. 

It also embeds a next-generation online assessment engine, data dashboards with standards mastery, item analysis reports and a digital content library with open educational resources. 

Customize course content

Personalized learning pathways

Adaptive performance-based content

Student mastery analytics

Immersive content

Real-time feedback 

The LearningTree™ enables educators to customize content based on student performance and mastery on various topics and subtopics. Educators can set specific goals for the student and create assessments based on mastery demonstrated by students. 

Learning  Analytics Platform


The Learning Analytics Platform enables educators to monitor students’ progress and mastery on various topics and subtopics through formative, summative, and confirmative assessments with different level of complexity and thousands of instructional resources aligned to respective standards.


Complete Data Warehousing solution for the university


Perspective-based insights for teachers & administrators


Curriculum Standards Integration


Ad Hoc Reporting with Pivots that can generate custom reports & visualizations


Early Warning Indicator System


Unique student id that can be easily generated


Longitudinal & Operational Data -State/3rd party Assessments, Universal Screeners


Collaborative Analytics Platform


Social Collaboration Features


Comprehensive view of data at state, university, classroom, and student levels

Learning Analytics platform combines technology with educational research by providing an online platform that enables visible learning and backward design, using assessments both “for learning” (formative) and “of learning” (summative).


With learning profiles that capture the cognitive and affective needs of the students, educators are able to differentiate assessments while aligning resources, supports, and appropriate rigor to the instruction. Educators can create a variety of assessments (diagnostic, benchmark, summative, formative) in the system with the ability to pull questions from pre-populated item banks, design their own questions (30+ formats including performance based), or a combination of both.


The platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface giving students and teachers opportunities to customize their space. Students can self-report grades, note their perceptions prior to starting an assessment and after an assessment while taking ownership of the learning process.


eExamination Platform

Powered with advanced assessment technologies, administrators can safely conduct online and offline examination with FocalPoint Examination Management System – ASSESSCLOUD™ to deliver both subjective and objective examinations. Question Paper can be remotely authored and securely stored on cloud. Cloud based solution eliminates the need for investment in physical infrastructure. It also helps save cost and time for question paper creation and distribution.


The secure cloud-based infrastructure ensures authentication, authorization, encryption, and decryption of question papers. The solution reduces the possibility of errors due to proof checkpoints, including server-side validation, thus maintaining secrecy.


The customizable framework allows for a flexible and quick generation of tailored forms, reports, and messages. This single-window cloud-based solution comes with a pre-integrated suite of hardware, network, software, and services. Tasks such as exam enrollment, scheduling, and exam center management are automated in ASSESSCLOUD™.


The platform also provides a comprehensive reporting platform with interactive dashboards. The comprehensive reporting platform provides stakeholders with student’s performance and growth report, classroom performance report, and other Key Performance Indicators that meet the standards.


Overall, ASSESSCLOUD™ reduces the probability of question paper leakage through secure creation and distribution. It maintains the sanctity of the examination process with advanced security features such as question paper encryption, centralized monitoring of the workflow, password-restricted download of question papers, and just-in-time printing.

ASSESSCLOUD™ possess no hidden costs and risks and is provides an efficient, versatile, safe and secure medium to deliver any kinds of tests to large number of students.

Question Paper Management

Answer Script Evaluation

Question Paper Distribution







Answer Script Upload


Micro Credential  Management System

Micro credentials recognize concrete, targeted skill sets acquired by both credit and non-credit students. Those skills, often pulled from a larger credential, are easier to obtain and to communicate, visually and digitally, to employers through micro credentials and badges. Students themselves often find 4-year degree challenging and drop out to due various reasons. 




Micro-credentials and badges support achievements prior to a degree being awarded. With changing employment opportunities and work requirements, learners are pursuing postsecondary and non-traditional education with a focus on improving their employability. As a result, colleges, universities, and professional organizations need credentials that recognize learners’ achievements at less than a full degree level to illustrate that targeted skill set they need in the workforce.


These Micro-Credentials are Stackable, accumulated over time and eventually lead to a degree, but their benefit lies in the fact that Learners can be recognized for their effort along the way to their final degree.



As Micro credentialing is powered with Blockchain credentialing, students receive a digital certificate that can be easily used and integrated on digital platforms. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that provides a way for information to be recorded and shared by the respective community.


Blockchain entries are permanent, transparent, and searchable, which makes it possible for community members to view educational history in their entirety. With blockchain, cryptology replaces third-party intermediaries as the keeper of trust. As the system is decentralized and managed by the entire community rather than an administrative unit from a university, Blockchain credentialing is 100% safe, secure and genuine.

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