Digitize your Institute and Enable a Scientific Approach to Improve Student Test Performance

Digitize Instruction, Testing and your Brand 

Build Comprehenisve Library with Personalized Resources

Deliver and Grade Assessments Digitally

Real-time Analytics and Predictive Feedback 


Teaching and Learning


Student Performance


Comprehensive  Library

Sapphirus Systems expands its offerings to facilitate both domestic and international growth for Institutes to deliver a solution that minimizes the administrative burden, addresses general student queries, assimilates student interactions/activities, and alerts the teacher/learning coach where direct student engagement is needed. 


In a 24/7 learning environment, students need a solution that provides actionable feedback, supports interactive “conversations” addressing questions, delivers time-sensitive notifications, and engages the student through “nudges™”, supporting the student’s learning.


Aria™ provides the capabilities for Institutes to deliver both “teaching assistant” services for teachers and learning coaches, and “learning assistant” services for students and parents.


Aria™ empowers student ownership, increases student engagement, and ultimately helps improve student outcomes.

Notifications and Announcements

Track and inform the learner about revisions and test deadlines, new study materials, and communicate other relevant information related to the learner’s study goal

Revision And Reinforcement

Recommends topic and content material that a learner needs to review/complete based on adaptive spaced-repetition algorithms


Deliver relevant feedback utilizing personalized learner outcomes and offers next step guidance for further learner progress


Provide motivational and accountability supports, “nudging” the learner towards successful outcomes utilizing goal/measure models

Aria™ (Adaptive Relevance Intelligent Assistant) is a student’s personal learning assistant providing a guided pathway toward student success.  Utilizing Learning Analytics based on next-generation AI and machine learning algorithms, and combined with research-based educational support models

Configure and train "Aria" to deliver Learning Analytics supporting both the requirements of a “teaching assistant” as well as providing the

student with a “learning assistant”

Digitize Your Courses

Take Your

Institute ONLINE

Take your brand online to every student with Learning Analytics powered by FocalPoint

Online Assessments

Give your students unparalleled 24x7 access

    Study Resources

    Give your own digital learning content and also access to free open educational learning content

    Real-Time Reports

    Your students get FocalPoint analysis powered by Learning Analytics to improve their score

    Create Tests easily

    Create Tests Easily or let FocalPoint Adaptive Algorithms create for you

    Schedule Live Tests

    Set date and time to unlock created tests for your students

    Offline Testing

    Print created test papers with your branding & multiple sets and answer key

    Benchmark Quality of Tests

    FocalPoint benchmarks the quality of your generated test to the real exam level

    DIGITIZE your courses

    Detect weaknesses of every student far beyond just academic scores.  Improve student performance at every level

    family engagement

    Send meaningful, personalized reports to engage parents like never before

    recommended Revision Plans

    Deliver Machine Learning generated recommendations for revision plans

    actionable LEARNING analytics

    Generate actionable analysis with elegant, detailed reports to help take corrective action.


    Upload your own questions or we will load them for you


    Upload from any file type

    Adaptive Digital Library

    Auto tag your questions and content to the correct chapter and concept

    AI IN


    Artificial Intelligence based Exam taking strategy for each student 

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