LMS - An Adaptive Learning Platform

LMS - An Adaptive Learning Platform

New paradigm to radically improve outcome, enabled by scientific approach and student analytics.

Enables student success by Ownership, visible learning, personalized paths, formative feedback, best of breed content

Trusted by 2M students, 9 countries

Student Benefits

  • Supports multi-disciplinary collabo -ration between students & teachers
  • Provides content recommendations based on performance with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Interactive dashboard to help the student organize resources & assig -nments which enables Learning Progression in a timely manner
  • Thousands of learning resources and multimedia content for self-paced learning and tutoring also enabling Adaptive Learning Pathways

Teacher Benefits

  • Thousands of instructional content including teaching videos and multi -media that are aligned with CBSE, SSC, ICSE & IB curriculum
  • Student performance dashboards that demonstrate student mastery in specific topics and sub-topics
  • Classroom analysis through diagnostic information based on academic topics and sub-topics enabling differentiated Instruction
  • Formative, Summative, Confirmative & varieties of assessments with different level of complexity

School Benefits

  • School report card based on assess -ment and accountability for online reporting
  • Content and resources aligned to CBSE, SSC, ICSE & IB curriculum
  • Drill-able, clickable and dynamic reports on student’s, teacher’s and school’s holistic performance
  • Learning and performance analysis based on various academic demo -graphics that demonstrate student’s mastery, teacher’s mastery and branch (location) performance

Parent Benefits

  • Early warning indicators and updating student progress & merits based on their performance and subject proficiency
  • Detailed analysis and reports to monitor student progress
  • Effective and timely means of communication with teachers and administrators
  • Easy to track student’s overall acade -mic performance through detailed data with a holistic view

Exam Center
Secured Online Exam Platform

Exam Center
Secured Online Exam Platform

Supports Full lifecycle of examinations management.. Enrollment to Result Declaration

Supports Subjective and Objective Exams. 29 wide range of question types including drag and drop

Conduct your exams controlled by Realtime remote proctoring

Learningtree Solution:

  • Provide secuirity before, during and after exam
  • Eliminate malpractices, paper leaks, candidate impersonation and cheating
  • Enhance security and transparency, errors in scoring tabulation
  • Empower with Analytics - improve faculty and student performance
  • Automate logistics - Transporation across multiple locations and storage of question papers and answer scripts
  • Lower environmental impact - paper wastage

Controller of Exams(COE) Functionality

  • Question Bank Creation & Management
  • Test Paper Creation
  • Enrollment of Students
  • Exam Schedules
  • Publishing results and Reports

Proctor Functionality

  • Live the Examination
  • Allow / Disallow Students
  • Reset Tests
  • Live Video Monitoring
  • Tracking the test Progress
  • Time Management


  • File Transfer thru SSL enabled API or Secured SFTP protocol for safety
  • Minimum 256 Bit Encryption applied to data
  • Cloud based redundant storage for backup and recovery

Blockchain Credentials
Digital Certificates Issuance & Verification

Blockchain Credentials
Digital Certificates Issuance & Verification

LearningChain a blockchain powered platform, enables institutions to issue tamper-proof and globally verifiable Digital Certificates

LearningChain is an end-to-end solution for issuing & verification blockchain certificates, credentials, badges on successful completion of activities. LearningChain enables Institutions to design custom branding of diplomas, badges, transcripts and generate tamper-proof digital certificates powered by BLOCKCHAIN.

Embrace a blockchain-powered platform to issue blockchain digital certificates, manage training batches, and simplify placement processes.


Deploy a blockchain credentialing platform to issue digital certificates.


Issue digital certificates to save time, reduce errors & protect your brand.


Verify and validate blockchain digital credentials with one click.


Tamper-proof blockchain digital certificates trusted by industry worldwide.

For E-learning

  • Define the Courses and Activities for which digital certificates to be issued through our Powerful Course Designer
  • Design Your Custom design for Transcripts, Individual Learner Reports, Badges through Certificate Designer
  • Manage or Upload Learners to Course. Learners will have access to complete the activity
  • Auto Evaluation or Manual Scoring enables to evaluate learner performance and on completion auto generation of digital certificates as per institution digital certificates standards
  • Learner can access all his certificates/achievements and share the same for verification to meet personal and professional needs

For Universities

  • Integrates to your existing LMS/ERP to get learner data or optional bulk learner data upload
  • Design University Standard Transcript, Certificates using our intutive certificate designers
  • Generate Certificates using Bulk Issuance process
  • Generates tamper-proof PDF, Block Chain Certificate and QR Code
  • Single Click Verification enables multiple verification methods