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Enterprise Mobility

​As a logical extension of the technology enablement of the enterprise, we extend the process automation into the hands of all the key staff members through enterprise mobility solutions. This ensures that the field workforce stays connected and involved which enable better response times to business decisions leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Can your customers reach you anytime, anywhere ,using any device? To what extent is your field sales force and personnel connected? Are you able to integrate and communicate with your distribution channels?

Many organizations are being forced to adapt to the new wave of mobile technologies to leverage their capability in the market. This poses immense opportunities along with a few challenges. Sapphirus enterprise mobility services include:

  • Understanding the business context
  • Defining the target audience/users
  • Identifying the processes for mobility
  • Design and development of mobile apps
  • Extrapolating skill shortages
  • Providing multi-platform support
  • Managing user expectations
  • Understanding user preferences
  • Easing of installation and usage

With a sound strategy and execution, enterprise mobility can create a paradigm shift in customer engagement, staff productivity and stronger business partnerships. The way customers are accessing and consuming business services is undergoing a dramatic transformation and Sapphirus can deliver easy to use and intuitively designed mobile solutions . Our team can help you keep the solution up-to-date and device agnostic so that your mobile strategy drives your organizational growth and development.

Our Enterprise mobility services are layered to help you design and adopt a mobility strategy.

Sapphirus has developed an enterprise mobility practice with multiple years of implementation experience. This team of well-trained and seasoned professionals helps our customers on their journey through enterprise mobility program.

Mobility Strategy Services

Sapphirus works with customers and helps them to define a mobility strategy and implementation road map. This involves the following steps:

  • Build a business case and define mobile strategy
  • Identify target users
  • Select and prioritize a solution roadmap based on business needs
  • Define key success factors to drive usage as well as meeting the objectives
  • Define the technology architecture for the present and future

App Definition Services

  • Identifying the business processes which need to go mobile
  • Defining the dependencies and sequencing
  • Setting up the appropriate back end and database services
  • Publishing a release plan and executing the same
  • Integrating usage of RAD tools for faster development and delivery

Application Development And Migration Services

  • Deliver user friendly apps which are well designed, and timely
  • Develop and integrated suite of mobile apps that can access the existing business systems
  • Usage of RAD tools like Appcelerator, Strobe, etc.
  • Faster time of delivery for all types of apps including Native, Hybrid and crossplatform
  • Developing user guides for training the end users
  • Facilitating mobile enterprise by integrating with existing ERP systems like Salesforce

Mobile Analytics Services

  • Remote monitoring and hosting services
  • Enable the collection and collation of data from apps for data analytics
  • Enabling the analytics reports to be accessed through mobile platforms
  • Self-service analytics for flexible and real-time analytics

How Enterprise Mobility Can Help Your Business?

  • Improved work force productivity
  • World class customer service
  • Streamlined operations
  • Performance and productivity improvements
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Brand building opportunities