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Big Data and Analytics

Enables organizations to conceptualize and drive a thoughtful Big Data program across multiple domains and focus areas to help them achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and operational efficiency.

Many business managers have been hearing about the power of Big Data. Their companies have been collecting, protecting, saving and archiving data since the beginning of the process automation. Now these businesses are looking at the huge volumes of data that continues to get collected every day and are looking at the amount of time and money being spent for the same. Most of them are also worried about the utility value and compliance issues connected with the data management challenges.

Managing these massive amounts of data on a continued basis needs a strong grounding and understanding of the business case. Deriving business insights using data analytics is another story. But before that, we need to establish a cost effective and systematic data management solution which makes business sense while addressing all the issues associated.

Our Five-Stage Approach:

  • Sapphirus starts the engagement with a consultative approach to establish data accumulation patterns, transaction volumes, peak loads and existing data infrastructure for data management.
  • This is followed by the business objectives and governance structure with a policy framework.
  • Based on the assessment, set up the Big Data ecosystem to collect, collate and archive data.
  • We will establish and implement a backup/archival process as per the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).
  • A volume monitoring process with threshold levels to prevent any data loss due to memory overflows.

This can be followed by visualization services which bring new life and insights from the existing organizational MIS/followed by the advanced analytics.

Our Service Portfolio

Data Advisory Services
  • Help clients build a business case through case studies and white papers.
  • Data valuation services to establish the monetization possibilities
  • Study the existing data and data collection processes and mechanisms
  • Identifying data leaks and data not being captured
  • Come up with a road map and overall approach suitable to the business
Data Eco System Services
  • Create an ecosystem through installation, collection and data aggregation
  • Build the infrastructure for storing Big Dataa
  • Data collection and collation from multiple sources like sensors, software and hardware interfaces
  • Assess and address the data warehouse requirements based on volume, velocity, variety and veracity
  • ETL services for setting up a systematic data cleaning process
Big Data Analytics and Visualization Services
  • Providing new insights using existing MIS through visualization
  • Use various analytics like forecasting and trend analysis for better interpretation of data
  • Providing data analytics services to garner insights from the data

We have expertise in handling a wide range of technology platforms across the various focus areas of a Big Data initiative ranging from capturing, storing processing and analysis.

Self Service Analytics

One of the major issues faced by the business teams post-implementation is an increased dependency on the IT team for providing various reports as required for managing dynamic business decisions. We enable self service by analyzing the business information needs of the users across the hierarchy. We provide customized dashboards, data discovery and integrated mobility solutions, to help you get more value from your data. This removes this additional dependency on the IT team while empowering the business users. Leveraging our years of experience ,we have developed these best practices and methodologies that can reduce the time of implementation and value delivery.

Key Features Of Our Services
  • Visual data exploration using auto-charting capabilities and parameter level explanation
  • Self service, easy analytics using drillable data hierarchy and in-memory analysis
  • Mobile business intelligence
  • Collaboration through ease of using and sharing through MS Office integration
  • Flexible Deployment including cloud installationn