Who We Are

Sapphirus Systems is established with the intent of redefining the way enterprises consume technology. With multiple industry standards and ever changing methodologies, resources and technologies, seamless deployment and use of technology has become a huge challenge. Sapphirus makes it easy!

We have been helping our clients through our hard-earned experience and the expertise, while adhering to the exacting standards and expectations. Our commitment to offer the best makes us proficient in thinking and in delivering more than what is expected. Innovation on the fly!

Leveraging our relationship with Gartner, we have developed a strategic vision where we see a future where every enterprise resource has an IP address. We are pursuing this integrated vision of SMAC and IOT.


To enable effective decision making through technology solutions.


"To offer comprehensive business solutions through our products and services, leveraging SMAC and IOT in education, health care and infrastructure management"

Management Team

Our Management team is a combination of technocrats and entrepreneurs who Joined hands to provide great leadership to help Sapphirus to achieve its vision and mission.

Kiran Athota


Durga Prasad V Chekka


Rajesh Sheelam

General Manager

Naveen Athota

Director -Finance


Vojjala Satish Kumar

Marketing Head

Akash Thathode

Sales Head

Sudhakar Piridi

VP - Human Resources
(Talent Acquisition, Corporate & University Relations)

Madhuri Varanasi

HR Manager

News & Events

Sapphirus Launched Ditital Certificate Wallet

Sapphirus Lanunched Digital Certificate Wallet, enables students to store the block chain credentials, share and get verified.

Sapphirus Launches Block Chain enabled Credentialing Platform

Block Chain enabled credentialing system, enables the institutions to issue credentails/certricates which can't be tampered

Sapphirus bags a prestigious development project from Narayana Group

Aligning to the vision of Sapphirus, Sapphirus won a prestigious project for creating a highly interactive platform for entrie educational organization management in respect of academic and non academic.

Work Culture

The senior management of Sapphirus firmly believe in continuous learning and providing a fertile space to the young minds to unleash their full potential. We have also designed our performance management based on three levels of employee performance: Contribution, Collaboration and Creativity.

Contribution is what an employee must do as a core responsibility. Collaboration is what an employee will do by working with other members of the organization. Creativity is what new solutions and processes an employee creates to solve either internal or external problems

Sapphirus is an equal opportunity employer and has not discriminated any prospective employee based on any such parameters. We believe workforce and gender diversity builds a healthy and balanced team. The diversity also drives our thinking and ability to learn from each other.

We celebrate both organizational and individual successes and believe that these are an essential lubricant which makes the organization run smoothly

Join us for a great work environment and unlimited learning and growth opportunities. Please check the current openings.