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Predictive Data Analytics

Early Identification and Improvement System Empowers administrators & educators with Actionable Insights based on key performance indicators, teaching effectiveness and institutional effectiveness to make decisions that enable student success.

Through EIIS, teachers, school administrators, regional officers, state leaders have access to detailed data analytics and effectiveness of Intervention programs on student success. The system performs Predictive Analytics using Advanced Machine Learning algorithms that will identify students at risk and provide actionable Intervention Plans. EIIS supports progress monitoring and Efficacy of the Intervention measures which sets it apart from other software of


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Visible Learning by John Hattie

Our Platform has leveraged some of the most groundbreaking studies in education to ensure student success. Dr. John Hattie's research, a synthesis of over 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students is one of the largest evidence-based studies ever conducted.


It identified key indicators about what works best in education. Leveraging this research, Sapphirus was deliberate in designing a Personalized Learning Platform that empowers students and teachers to engage in those activities and strategies most impactful to improving student outcomes.

We have leveraged some of the most significant and groundbreaking research in education.

Sapphirus & Arizona state university Globalizing education together

Sapphirus Systems partnership with Arizona State University is based on a shared philosophy to transform Indian education. Arizona State University created ASU Prep Digital, where online high school and university courses converge in a unique learning opportunity for all students. Built on the Cambridge International Exam framework, this rigorous virtual high school program prepares students for acceptance at leading universities and encourages them to explore future college majors and careers in an increasingly interconnected global environment.

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